Welcome Dr. Cathy Toll

Dr. Toll Joined the reading faculty in August. She is currently teaching classes in Literacy coaching and diagnosis.she is also teaching one of the first on-line classes and busy developing several for next semester.


New Semester, New Faculty, New Format

Welcome to the Fall semester.
The Reading program has a new faculty member, Dr. Cathy Toll.
She replaces Dr. Mary Hession who retired July 31 2012. The reading program is adopting the new numbering system and also offering the first two on-line classes.

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Presentations at 2012 IRC Conference

Two Faculty members and a Graduate Student recently presented at the Illinois Reading Council in Springfield.


Dr. Winicki and Jill Steffes were co-presenters for a session titled, ” Only The Best: Judging the Quality of Informational Books.” The data for the presentation came from Jill’s MA paper. She examined the books that have won Orbis Pictus Award & Robert F. Sibert Medal.


Dr. Gandy presented Fun Foldables, manipulatives for learning and practice

New Directions

The fall semester has ended, and most students are now focusing their time and energy (and propably money) on the approaching holidays and winter break. The focus of the reading program is also changing from on campus cohorts to a two year online program beginning in the fall 2013. Students who are already in the program will continue with on-campus classes.

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35th day of Reading

For those who are interested, the Annual Conference sponsored by the Secondary Reading League will be held on Saturday, November 5th, 2011. Featured speakers include Todd Strasser, Young Adult Author, TV Writer, Journalist; and Dr. Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, Internationallly known presenter and Teacher. The site is the Tinley Park Convention Center. For more information, go to www.dayofreading.org

New semester

Welcome back to the Reading program. Many changes in the registration process took place over the summer. I hope everyone is settled in and ready to start new classes.

Also, welcome to the on-campus cohort students. Please let us know if you have questions.

Please check back often this semester for new postings and updated information.


The Reading Program Instructors 


Faculty Members Present at IRC Conference

The Illinois Reading Council’s Annual Conference took place on March 17-19, 2011. Two of the reading faculty members presented this year. Click on the links below to see the hand out or the power point. Contact the professor if you would like more information.

Dr. Barbara Winicki’s presentation was The Sixth Trait: What Conventions Should We Teach and How Should We Teach Them?

The Sixth Trait

Dr. Sandra Gandy’s session was titled Hands-On Vocabulary.

Hands-On Vocabulary